Angelic Healing with Shahmika

Meet With Shahmika Agoon

Shahmika Agoon

Practitioner Systematic Kinesiology Cert.ASK, UK
Food and Nutrition BSc and Double MSc From
University of Greenwich, UK, University of East
London, UK,
University of Dhaka< Bangladesh.
ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Level 3
Meditation and Mindfulness from Psychic college,
Inner Engineering by sadh Guru
Cranial Sacral Therapy Techniques Mindfulness based stress relief MBSR. EMDR
Chakra Balancing Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Angelic Reiki Levels 3 Ayurveda Nutrition
Bach Flower Remedy Emotional Freedom Technique by Karl dawson,
Penny Croal Matrix Reimprinting by Karl dawson Birth Trauma Release by Sharon King Meta Health Autism and Nutrition Trainings
Autism Awareness trainings Basic Mental health training Law of Attraction mentorship training from
Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Lisa Nichole Money Attraction Mindset mentorship training from Bob Proctor, Tasha Chen, Ken Honda, merisa peer RTT by Merisa peer Subconscious programme changing by
Tony Robinson Business and Leadership Training from University of Wales,
Business for Therapists Training by
Lucy Jhonson Public Speaking by Andy

Work Experience:

I work Online and 10, Harley Street, Central London. Worked for NHS as a Nutritionist for Children and adults. Worked for Social Service as a Freelance Nutritionist for the Drug and Alcohol Team for children. Worked for council as a project coordinator for the Community Mental Health issues under the Equality and Diversity Department. I learnt a lot from each client. As I have been through a lot, I naturally relate to client’s issues. Working as a Nutritionist and a therapist became my lifestyle. I cannot live my life without thinking the wellness of my clients. I receive ‘thank you’ text almost every single day from my clients. Working for people’s wellbeing is a part of my life like meditation. My life is so blissful that I continue this life meditation every day. My clients are blessings of my life. I have lots of love and patience for autistic and special need children and their parents. After doing the Treatment on my son he almost recovered from his condition. He got so much better. From a limited speech, hyperactive, unfocused, learning disability child who had so many sensory issues, he become completely verbal, calm, focused boy who is learning so many things every day. He does not have any sensory issues now. I ended up in a women refuge and started my new journey from zero. Now I am a successful Harley Street Practitioner. People come to me also for empowerment. Could I see this beautiful part of my life if I commit suicide that time? The answer is NO. We need to give ourselves a second, third, fourth, fifth and many more chances. We are not here to suffer. We are a part of this universe and have all the opportunity to live a beautiful life in a healthy body and mind. People come to me from all over the world. If you feel I am the right person for you, please do contact me. I always say, we should let specialists to help us to balance our body and mind so we can step into the next better place and achieve what we need to achieve. We are the spirits, very powerful universe.
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