Angelic Healing with Shahmika

Living in shame from
Bad touch, Force Touch, Bullying, Threatening

Where are you at?

Maybe most of your life you are spending time by thinking of why that thing happened to you or why they choose you ? You might never have the courage or opportunity to speak about your secret to your family, your friends or anybody in the world because somehow you believe that it’s your fault or people would blame you, judge you and you do not want to go through some critical situations as if you already had enough. But at the same time you are living in worry, trust issues, you can not enjoy relationships. You Feel that you might always be a target of a group of people or bad people who drags you down and pulls your energy out. You might feel there is so much pressure in your chest because you are the one who is carrying the bitter truth for many years and you may feel imprisoned. You know that you can do so much in your life if you can get out of the horrific memories but you can’t find anyone who can help you.

The Problems You have right Now

There are a lot of issues going on in your life but you don’t know the reason for all of these. Your life may look chaotic and you are struggling with health or money or relationships  or with everything. You might press a pause button in your progress at present or many years back due to bullying or abuse or unwanted experience. Those bad experiences shaped you already. It shaped you with your  belief system, family values,  culture, religion etc. You may be looking for a good therapist who can help you.

How Can I help you​

The treatment will start with  emotional testing, consultation to understand where you

are now and what you would like to achieve, what are your current feelings. Each 90-minutes session will design specifically tailored to your needs having identified at which age of your life, events have occurred that have contributed to the problem. I will then allow your subconscious mind to bring up anything you need to see to help you resolve the issue.

I can help you by focusing on your inner programs,  lifestyle, breathing exercise, emotions, trauma, food intolerances, supplements, diet, therapy and your belief system. During your appointment it is likely that you will be recommended a programme of emotional trauma release, healthy food habit, supplements, remedies to aid your recovery. You can take

any packages of 5 sessions or 10 sessions or I can make a personalised package for you for an easy instalment.

Create your Mental freedom and New Life

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